Counting Carbon Costs

Fantastic article (from a year ago) highlighting how hard it is to accurately assess the embodied emissions of EV vehicles.

“The tough calculus of emissions and the future of EVs”

As an engineer what I find most frustrating is that it really isn’t that hard to assess the embodied emissions of EVs… its just that we know the answers won’t support the current socio-political hype to legislate a rapid transition.

I remain convinced that my hobby of keeping 30+ year old classic cars on the road is, in actuality, far more conserving of energy and sustainable.

Remembering IND

My first aviation engineering project was on the New Indianapolis International Airport Midfield Terminal Project. A Greenfield construction project constructing a brand new terminal, and all supporting facilities, it was the largest capital spending project in Indiana history at the time. This project launched my career and is, incidentally, what led me down the path of heading overseas to Abu Dhabi.

The biggest thing I remember though is the team, the people. All of the people were seriously committed to the job and to each other. It was genuine teamwork; a solid group of people who had each others back, played jokes on each other, taught each other valuable lessons, and built something great.

So good to see IND being recognized as the best airport in North America by ACI… for the 10th consecutive year. A testament to the city and the team that build the airport.

Is this thing still on?

It was kinda crazy trying to get this site back up with all the original data still intact. But I figured it out. Over 7 years since the last post, quite a gap. I’ve resurrected this for me to start tinkering again and airing my thoughts and sharing some nerdy transportation stuff.

So yeah, this is kind of a test post to make sure everything is still working okay. Will try some test comments next.


Very cool article on pistons in Popular Mechanics. They even give a pictorial contrast of various pistons ranging from a Ferrari to a chainsaw.

At full throttle and 6000 rpm, a piston in a gasoline engine is subjected to nearly 10 tons of force every 0.02 second as repeated explosions heat the metal to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit.