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Remembering IND

My first aviation engineering project was on the New Indianapolis International Airport Midfield Terminal Project. A Greenfield construction project constructing a brand new terminal, and all supporting facilities, it was the largest capital spending project in Indiana history at the time. This project launched my career and is, incidentally, what led me down the path of heading overseas to Abu Dhabi.

The biggest thing I remember though is the team, the people. All of the people were seriously committed to the job and to each other. It was genuine teamwork; a solid group of people who had each others back, played jokes on each other, taught each other valuable lessons, and built something great.

So good to see IND being recognized as the best airport in North America by ACI… for the 10th consecutive year. A testament to the city and the team that build the airport.

Asiana Flight 214 Crash

A Boeing 777 crashed upon landing at San Francisco International yesterday. 2 people died and there were numerous injuriies. This is the second crash of a 777 since it’s introduction in 1994 and the first 2 fatalities. Remarkable how safe aircraft have become. It will be interesting to watch the investigation unfold.