No Comments?!?

So what’s up with the lack of a “Comment” button? Well, I want this site to be about the content. Trains, Planes, and Autos.

I don’t want distractions added to the site by comment trolls. I don’t want endless debate that results in name-calling. I don’t want to spend time moderating spam from legit comments.

I do want to share news, ruminate on policy, and write. If you are reading this I’m assuming you are a bit like me… cause if you aren’t at least a bit like me you’ll probably find this site a bit boring.

I do want reader feedback. I do want discussion. You can always shoot me an email at I’ll likely share reader input right here on Trains Planes & Autos.

Better yet, start your own blog. Link to mine… link to news and info that you read… let’s get fellow engineers thinking about this stuff. Let’s think outside the box of typical civil engineering and look for creative solutions to the problems that our transportation infrastructure is facing.